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Hey there, I started a newsletter to track and share the digital marketing topics I learn on my journey to be a full-stack marketer.

It’s to keep myself accountable & force myself to take notes because I’m a massive procrastinator and a serial mental note taker 😬

This once in 2 blue moons (it’s that rare, I don’t spam) newsletter will cover digital marketing topics I’m deep diving on my journey to be a full-stack marketer. I’ll cover analytics, automation, ads, growth hacking & anything under the marketing sun 🌞

And sometimes you get memes.

Subscribe if you think that my essays and try-hard memes are worthy to be that extra 1 email in your inbox.

If you want a sample before making a commitment, see some of the stuff I write below 👇🏽

Automation deep dive: learning how to grow more limbs

I deep-dive into the topic of automation and how it can be used in digital marketing. I’ll cover why I decided to learn about automation, the important takeaways I got from learning about automation, interesting things I managed to do with automation, and automation projects you can try on your own as practice.