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Azrin Hamdan

Hello, I'm Azrin!
I'm a Full-Stack Marketer

I’m a full-stacked marketer that enjoys building and growing products. This is a collection of my marketing work, side projects, and reflections.

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Azrin Hamdan

About Me

I’m on a mission to be a full stack marketer. I enjoy solving marketing problems and matching people with great solutions that they need.Β As a marketer, I believe that the best ideas happens when we think inside the box. Limitations drives creativity. However, creative ideas should never just be about intuition or feeling, it should also be data driven. I like to think that a good marketer is a blend of a scientist & an artist.

By now, you’reΒ  probably wondering how I am different from other marketers. Here’s how :

πŸ‘‰πŸ½I grasp new technology easily – I’ve worked in startups that offers a product that is relatively new in the industry and I’ve worked with a variety of tech startups in a PR agency

πŸ‘‰πŸ½I am experienced in Linkedin marketing (organic growth hacking) – I am familiar with multiple unique ways to generate traffic and quality leads using this channel

πŸ‘‰πŸ½ I have experience in building & optimising a comprehensive lead generation pipeline for B2B – From awareness till conversion while keeping in mind of the long sales cycle

I have a deep interest in B2B marketing, technology, adtech, martech, growth marketing, and data analytics.Β My arsenal of marketing skills include marketing automations (Zapier, Integromat), tech content writing,Β  social media ads (FB & Linkedin),event management, and data driven marketing.

Want to know more about me? Check out my social accounts.

πŸ”¨ My work

Digital marketing jobs and projects I do in addition to my full-time job. They are mostly projects to polish my full-stack marketing skills or projects that have some form of a social cause.

Maktaba Books

Maktaba Books - Peer-to-peer Library

I started a PeerTo-Peer Library for Malay and Islamic books in Singapore. As of now it has 600+ books, 60+ books borrowed, 700+ followers, and a team of 6 volunteers running it.

Digital Marketing Tools & Resources

A list of marketing related content that I find to be really good that I would regularly refer to. I find this list useful, so I put it together in hopes that maybe other digital marketers like me will find it usefull too.

Build website freelance Azrin Hamdan

Website Building - Freelance Gigs

For extra cash, I build websites for small business and freelancers on WordPress. I've built over 5 website when I was actively doing this. Click on this to see some of the websites that I helped build.

SG Meme Curator cover

SG Meme Curator - Meme Newsletter [Failed]

A fun project to work on my email marketing skills. I curate memes and sent it to 13 subscribers' inbox every morning at 9am (Singapore Time). This was fully automated. Click to see more.

Marketers anonymous Azrin Community

Marketer's Anonymous - Marketing Community

A small community of Singaporean marketers that are just starting their careers. Place to chit chat about marketing and bounce ideas with each other. DM me on Linkedin to join πŸ™‚

✍🏽 Blog

Essays about being a full-stack marketer and updates around the progress of my digital marketing projects.