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Divide, combine and conquer your social media audience

Marketing on social media is like your big ball of tangled knot earbud wire. You fumble around trying to get them into the perfect state to finally listen to that new album by Ed Sheeran. An exhausting routine every time you need it.

Now imagine the earbud is your audience and it being tangled as the general pool of people you have on the social media platform. Getting it untwined in a perfect usable state is you finding a successful strategy with your audience to achieve your marketing objective (music).

In the research paper by Hodis & colleagues (2015), they realised that there is no specific/ recommended strategy in running a Facebook marketing campaign. They decided to put blood, sweat and tears to do research and come up with the Four-Segment Framework.

The Four-Segment Framework

Facebook segmentation matrix via Hodis & colleagues (2015)

This framework suggests that Facebook users can be divided into 4 segments based on the purpose; Attention seekers, devotees, entertainment seekers and connection seekers. It recommends that the marketing strategy used should be one that uses a singular campaign to engage all the 4 segments. Resulting in a successful marketing campaign.

Applying it using influencer marketing


I would say that this framework has been applied currently in the form of Influencer Marketing. According to Forbes, Influencer Marketing can be defined as a form of marketing in which focus is placed on specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole.

Influencers would be paid by companies (they would fall under the attention seekers and devotees segments) to promote their products or services on their behalf. This will reach their followers – the company’s target audience (entertainment seekers and connection seekers segment).

As seen on the internet

A great example of this would be the ALS Bucket Challenge in 2014. It started off by Bill Gates, a celebrity (attention seeker segment) taking up the challenge and nominating another celebrity for it. This caught the attention of other internet users who began making their own chain of challenge nomination (devotees segment). It became so viral that even parody videos of it started were made (entertainment seekers and connection seekers segment).

Bill Gates doing the ALS Bucket Challenge in 2014 via Bill Gates Youtube

So what?

The Four-Segment Framework is a good & proven tool for running a social media (not limited to Facebook) marketing campaign. It is simple & flexible. You can pivot it, combine it or come up with something radically new. Just go wild with your imagination. Do share your opinion and ideas on how to use the Four-Segment Framework in the comments below.

Written by: Azrin Hamdan