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Maktaba Books – First major event done

It’s 2022 and we wanted to do more than just facilitate the borrowing of books from another user. So for this year, we will be running give aways, a book club and talks as an alternative ways people can interact with us.

As of today, we just completed our first event/activity, out giveaway. We had a generous follower that suggested and sponsored this. So we just had to run it. We gave away 2 books and 2 vouchers from a local bookstore. It went well, we managed to gain new followers from doing this and it seems to be making our followers happy.

The Instagram post on the Maktaba Books account to promote the giveaway.

Coming up next would be the book club. We’ll have a journalist host the first version and it will be done virtually. It will cover 2 books and there’s even a theme to it.

Apart from running events, we have our dev team working on upgrading the borrowing process and our website experience. And we are also in the midst of trying different ways to get our name out.

Alhamdulillah, all is going well so far. Looking forward to see how all of this turns out.