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Maktaba Books – Good views but not much action

We have a nice maintenance routine now to ensure that Maktaba Books runs smoothly. I spend 30 to 60 mins a day to check on the automations to see if there are any errors to fix. The team helps to post regularly and converse with our followers to keep them engaged.

Our website is getting a decent amount of traffic at about 10 – 15 user visits per day. But many of them or not doing much there – they land on the page, scroll through the list of books, and that’s all. 96% of them stop there without seeing more of the books or clicking any buttons. That’s a huge drop off. My hypothesis is that it is hard for them to find a book that they want or they don’t know what they want and there’s nothing to help them decide.

To improve on our 0.56% conversion rate (borrowing books), we will be spending more time to find out why users are not borrowing books and how we can improve that. So, we split it into two parts – asking users that have not borrowed “what’s stopping them?” and asking our power users “why they borrowed from us, what is the problem we solve for them?”. While that is ongoing, we will test my hypothesis that users need help to decide on a book by posting content around book recommendations and describing our book categories.

Some good news is that we’ve passed a milestone of having 500 followers. 99% of which were gained organically. Alhamdulillah, glad people find what we do to be useful.