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Maktaba Books – A small setback

Previously, I shared that we might have our tech problems solved by the dev team from NUSMS. They were interested in working with us.

But now, there’s a chance that it may not happen because now there’s more decision makers involved and their timeline is very different. They have their own priorities.

They didn’t exactly tell us that they didn’t want to work with us. We were only told that they needed more time and that we should schedule a time to talk to them in September to discuss about the collaboration. There’s still a possibility that it will happen.

Regardless of what that means, I‘m not looking to wait two and half months just to discuss a possibility.

So, the next course of action is to either:

  1. Speak to the NUSMS team to learn more about their concerns and the reason for the timeline
  2. Speak to one of the Maktaba Books followers that offered to help build something
  3. Build our own setup that is just enough to handle more book transactions so that we can scale up the number of users and books

I really do hope we can proceed with option 1 and we can come to an agreement that is beneficial to both. It would save time and help grow the brand fast.

But if not, we’ll still be ok. We’ll figure something out 🙂

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