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Makataba Books – Maintaining, fixing errors and increasing engagement

Things are running now and I’m torn between growing the userbase aggressively and polishing the product. It would be nice to get our name out and have more people use us but I think that would only satisfy our ego. And it would slow down the growth later on, we may have more numbers in the short term but if they find the experience to be horrible, they might not come back. I would want any first time user to feel delighted in using our services and they want to use us again and even share about us. After weighing the options, I’m going to polish up the product for now. At the same time, our goal would also be to increase usage from the existing users that are following us on Instagram.

Since I’ve decided to focus on polishing the product, over the next few months my main role would be focused on operating the platform – making sure everything runs smoothly and fix any automations that are not working. I expect this to last till the end of the year until version 3, which is getting build by an actual developer, is ready to run. This is a very painful process for me (maybe for everyone too?) because I’m not very good at doing routine housekeeping of any kind. But it’s something I have to do to help keep this going, so I just have to persevere.

While I focus my energy and time on operating the tech side of Maktaba Books, the rest of the team will be focused on growing the usage of our platform by our existing users. I’ve shared this mission with them and they were more than happy to take it on. I’m looking forward to what they come up with.

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