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The Best Advice from a Mentor for a Career in Communications

Make it easy for others to help

As an intern in a fast-paced public relations agency, one has to monitor the news, respond to emails, write press releases and much more. Multiply that by five or the number of accounts that you are on. There’s not much breathing room to Google anything that’s not clear. When communicating an “ask” to someone, make it as easy as deciding to press a button.

Create a desire to press the “button” by ensuring that all the required information is laid out. It also has to be simple to understand without the need of much technical knowledge and prior interaction. Lastly, it is equally important to make that “button” as visible and easily accessible as possible. Indicate clearly what is needed to be done and how.

When you make it easy for others, you’re making it easy for yourself.

Contributed by Azrin Bin Hamdan on PRecious Communications’ website

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