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Work From Home Challenges and Key Learning


It’s All in the Desk

Work and home used to be two separate places, but now working from home has had me combine them into a single space.

At the start, working from home felt like the first week of my internship. It took me more than a full hour to complete my regular media monitoring. Emails took longer to craft, and I made a lot of mistakes. I was less productive and effective. I didn’t understand why – I had the laptop in front of me, my headphones on, and my setup was just like how it usually is in the office. But my focus was still not the same.

I realised I had everything set up the same way except for one thing – a desk. I had been working seated on the floor with the laptop on my lap. Not a great setup if the goal is to be productive. Since I did not have a proper workspace, I purchased a desk to create a “mini-office”. Now, with a dedicated workspace, my level of focus and productivity is almost as high as in the office. For others, it may be all in the mind, but for me, it’s all on the desk.

Contributed by Azrin Bin Hamdan on PRecious Communications’ website

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